China’s back dorm boys – could they be cloned?

December 14, 2006 at 5:00 pm Leave a comment

 James (Singapore) writes:

One more interesting link from Paul at got me thinking. The article is all about the flourishing celebrity lives of China’s ‘Back dorm boys’ – the guys who did the hilarious lip-synch video last year on YouTube.

Over the past 18 months, they’ve done five more music videos and landed jobs advertising Pepsi Cola, Motorola, and Jessica Simpson’s latest album ‘Public Affair.’

In February, the duo signed a five-year contract with Taihe Rye Music, a Beijing talent management company. Other clients include pop star Xu Wei and the winner of China’s own American Idol-style singing contest Li Yuchun.

“We think they have a lot of artistic potential,” said Taihe manager Song Zhe. “They could do a lot of different kinds of projects like movies, singing, maybe funny cameo bit parts … their own art exhibitions.”

It got me wondering – since current celebrities are so expensive to employ, I wonder whether any devious talent agencies or marketers have tried creating new celebrities, using new social media tools, with the specific aim of then using them for endorsements later. Like some kind of Faustian pact.

It would be against all the ethics of Web2.0, and very damaging if it backfired.

Which means I bet somebody’s giving it a go right now…

Anyway, perhaps this post was just an excuse to experiment with embedding (infectiously funny) video into the blog for a change…

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