Blogs help form Asian communities of cool

December 18, 2006 at 5:55 am 4 comments


Ju (Mindshare regional team, Bangkok) writes:

Complementing my post on bloggers on Honeyee and the Nike+ Challenge, it seems that, even outside of Japan, opinion leaders of youth culture are blogging their way to establish themselves as leaders of the cool community.

These are a few examples from the Tribal Times report on Online Communities:

In Hong Kong, the popular street magazine Milk Magazine has its own roster of music artists signed onto their record label ‘SillyThing’. Silly Thing’s official site ‘Think Silly‘ links to its artists’ blogs who use the portal to build their fan community. Among those blogs is that of Milk’s founder TK, which features products, ideas, and anything else that catches his attention.

Singapore’s cool kids are following Terratag, a graphics design brand of ‘innovative anglo-japanese hybrid’ that spans the world of fashion, art, and design. Terratag’s creations, personality, and events are brought to life via its website, two blogs (LiveJournal and Blogspot), a MySpace account, and photos on Fotolog and Flickr. Its UK creator has traveled to Singapore and Malaysia to open exhibitions last year.

In Bangkok there is ‘DudeSweet‘ which began as an indie-rock cult, but now organizes events ranging from club nights to fashion shows. Its founder’s MySpace account connects to the community of figures that define the local alternative world of music and the arts. The page shows flyers for upcoming events, offers visitors a discount to its parties, and includes a mailing list.

Being avid networkers and content generators, these opinion leaders have learned how to direct online activities for their own real-world interests. By allowing members to cross back and forth between virtual and physical worlds, these blogs can strengthen a sub-culture’s sense of community, and consequently, their engagement with associated brands.

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  • 1. Yousuf  |  December 19, 2006 at 5:55 am

    Indonesia may not be as blog-savvy as the rest of SE Asia but it’s not far behind with regards to Internet usage. Check out the data below:

    Indonesia has 18 Million users with approximately 30% use internet in their daily life.

    The number is 9x the total Singaporean users, almost 4 x the size of Vietnamese users, and more than twice as big as Thailand. Indonesia is currently the biggest internet users in South East Asia!!

    Indonesian online users’ growth jumped 800% within 5 years, it increased 7 million from 2005 (11 million) and is predicted to be 22 million in 2007.

    Among those 18 million, they are dominated by male (72%), with age between 20-40 (83%), reside in Jakarta and surrounding (52%), with 72% have bachelor degree or above.

    Around 46% users have a personal income of more than 3 million Rupiah, where around 11% of them have more than 10 million Rupiah personal income.

    Around 66% of them spend more than 2 hours online, working people with high disposable income do not see TV as much as they do, they are busy working and work with their computer!

    Around 55% use internet at work, but admittedly are playing around with the Net or simply checking emails from 8 am to 6 pm.

    Around 62% admitted they use internet mostly at work place
    Around 84% use online to look for information before buying products


  • 2. KAy  |  December 19, 2006 at 6:18 am

    Yousuf, how do you obtain those figures about the internet usage in Indonesia? I live in jakarta and i gotta say i that im surprised by the number of internet users here in indonesia. We may have the largest number of internet users in s.e asia but we are clearly behind in terms of connection speed. in addition to that, we dont have that many localized content on the web. There are still very few sites developed here in indonesia.

  • 3. surfer  |  December 21, 2006 at 10:40 am

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  • 4. mayy  |  October 11, 2007 at 9:39 am

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