Deep insights into 2007 media outlook

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 James (Singapore) writes:

I just finished reading this new short pdf report MindShare Australia media outlook 2007 written by Ashley in our MindShare Melbourne office. Everybody in every market should read this. It’s packed with insight, opinion, grounded in fact and…most rare of all…it’s written very nicely indeed.

Here are a few of my favourite passages. But I do urge you to download and read for yourselves:

On dealing:

“…Deals will still be important in a soft and short market, but require a tactical strategy to take advantage of any short term opportunities. Long lead times are still required to lock away key inventory like “Must Watch” TV shows or Landmark Outdoor sites. Book 80% of a campaign longterm and use the remaining 20% as short term leverage. Trade! Negotiate end of month specials. Move weeks around. Constantly improve discounts and added value. It will require patience from our clients and persistence from the MindShare buying team to play the cat-mouse game to make the most gains.”

On cross platform deals: 

“…Rather than concentrate on how to make revenue from cross platform deals maybe Television Networks should employ these platforms to have two-way dialogue with audiences. Find out what they really want, rather than relying on people meters and audience figures to tell them a show isn’t working. Repeat episodes of CSI disrespects a viewers intelligence. Moving the Sopranos timeslot to midnight annoys loyalists. Scheduling series 3 of Desperate Housewives, Lost and Prison Break months after it’s gone to air in the States stimulates USA downloads or Chinese pirated copies. Consumers don’t want to wait for content anymore and the TV Networks are slow to listen. 

On rising production costs:

Production costs are a double-edged sword. You have to invest in order to retain or grow audience share. You need to create compelling and new content, which costs money.The rise in costs are blamed on several factors, including larger casts (and support/productionstaff), more complex plot and location filming (e.g. Lost), and overall higher production qualitystandards (e.g. CSI).

“At the end of the day, costs, whether they are talent costs, production costs, marketing costs,etc., are going to align themselves with reality”. News Corp COO Peter Chernin.”

On outdoor battlefield shifting indoors:

“…The only true mass medium remaining is Outdoor. And in an era of convergence and cross platform integration, this will be where Outdoor positions itself in the future. After a period of consolidations with traditional outdoor formats of street furniture and large format, the landscape has been conquered by APN, Eye, Network Outdoor and JC Decaux.The new battle ground has shifted indoors to Supermarkets and Shopping Centres….consolidation is inevitable. Fragmentation is happening within media”

2007: The year of dialogue

“….The 2007 media landscape will be one shaped by “dialogue” as traditional media figure out ways to create conversations with its audience rather than a monologue at them. And it will the “new” media that gives them that capability…”

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