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July 16, 2007 at 6:35 am 5 comments

Sanchayeeta (MindShare, Delhi) writes: 

The GamesForLunch blog () seems to be a good ready reckoner of games with interesting and highly usable reviews from an avid gamer.

The blog is maintained by Kyle Orland who has been writing about games since 1997, when he started Super Mario Bros. HQ at the age of 14.  Since then he’s written for a variety of outlets including Electronic Gaming Monthly, Paste Magazine, Joystiq, Gamestop, GameDaily and Gamasutra. He’s the co-author of The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual.

Games for Lunch is a playlog. Every day Kyle plays one game for an hour and blogs about his experience. At the end, he reviews the game based on the only real criteria that matters to him: Does he want to keep playing?

And while playing a game for just an hour really isn’t fair to the game as a whole. Still, Kyle feels that with the vast majority of games, you’ve seen most of what the game has to offer after an hour. And, if you don’t want to play a game after just an hour, you can pretty safely say it’s a bad game. If you do want to keep playing, you can pretty safely say it’s at least decent.

The blog seems to be functioning for both gamers (to get a sneak preview) and for companies (for game review).

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  • 1. Naveen kumar  |  July 17, 2007 at 3:41 am

    deciding on a game for playinfg about and hour and deciding about the functionality of the game might not be that fair enough.

    some of the games might be long and as the player moves from one stage to another stage the game will become tougher and morw challenging that makes the player to create more excitement in him to go to next stage.
    the game creaters are now creating games in such a way that players can come on to the internet and play from different countries. in such cases the games might be a little and challenging.

  • 2. shruti datta  |  July 19, 2007 at 4:43 am

    One hour is more than enough to get a feel of the game.A game that fails to engage you in one hour is just not for you. Game blogs are a good idea cause if i am really into gaming i’ll certainely want more dope on it.
    That ways cheat codes are a great idea too helps me with the really tough stage sthat i can’t clear on my own.
    Cheating with cheat codes is good much better than the “What happens next” feel haunting me!

  • 3. Angela Yu  |  September 30, 2007 at 6:23 am

    Perhaps people may argue that playing a game for an hour is not an accurate portrayal of the game’s ability to entertain. However, in an age where attention spans are waning, it may be important for the game developer to capture the player’s attention early within the game.

    On one hand, I agree that interacting with a game that normally requires 200-300 hours of game play may require more than an hour to capture the gamers’ attention. On the other hand, imagine a commercial that doesn’t capture the audiences’ attention within the first 5-10 seconds, consequently the audience might either lose interest, or change the channel. Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the commercial was poorly created, but it also didn’t serve its purpose if people do not pay attention as well. Similarly for a game, if it fails to capture one’s interest within an hour, it may be a safe bet to conclude that the game hasn’t served its purpose either. Especially in a society with less time and countless technological choices to keep ourselves busy, gamers may not want to ‘waste’ time on a game that doesn’t compel them to keep playing if they can easily find a better alternative.

    PS: it’s nice to see people out there blogging their interests, whether it would be about games, fashion, or politics. Ah, the beauty of the internet.

  • 4. Games » Comment on Games For Lunch by Angela Yu  |  September 30, 2007 at 1:04 pm

    […] Wayne State University wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptPerhaps people may argue that playing a game for an hour is not an accurate portrayal of the game’s ability to entertain. However, in an age where attention spans are waning, it may be important for the game developer to capture the … […]

  • 5. Srinivasarao Nangunuri  |  December 16, 2007 at 8:04 am

    It all depends on various platforms of the games…

    What you guys talking about Online(Casual games), MMRPG, Console.

    “Cheats kill games” they are just testing codes for developers.
    Soon cheats will dissapear.

    The addiction rate just drops down…

    India is still a baby when it comes to gaming…

    How many of u are aware of games like Guitar hero, dance pad, innovation is revolutionarised these games…

    One hour and commenting on games is bad idea…

    A true Game maniac plays till “GAME OVER” Its when you can really say anything.

    Bad AI can spoil a game.. well again it all depends on which genre and target group it is made for.

    Rather than blogging ppl participating in game communities, like gamespot, IGN and lot more is better.. everyone having blog deviates the whole scenario.

    N.Srinivasarao (Redoctane India)


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